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It’s all about Look more photogenic every time you step in front of a camera with this move PEOPLE! But the Jaw started the series, so check that sucker out too!

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While rules are often meant to be broken, knowing the techniques to create classic posing and classic lighting patterns are skills every portrait photographer should know. Join host Joe Brady and his special guest Frank Dispensa as many common posing situations for photographers are analyzed.From headshots to full-length, sitting and standing, Frank will explore how light direction, body angle, head tilt, and hand and arms position can make the difference between an unflattering portrait and a great one making subjects look their best.

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I hope that this video is helpful for some of you – so many have asked me to make it! Posing for a photograph is a dreadful experience for some people, so there may be a few useful tips here to make it that bit easier. I have been a model for ten years now and so I don’t even really think about the camera being there, but I absolutely understand how tense and nervous it can make you – especially if it’s at an important event! I’ll do a separate video with body poses – that one’s a bit more difficult to film!

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« Trudi Tapscott is one of the most experienced, knowledgeable, and trusted names in the modeling industry. I have worked closely with her during her tenures at VOGUE, ELITE, and DNA, and she is known for her sharp eye, keen business sense, and exceptional ability to spot, develop, and promote talent. Trudi understands all aspects of this world, from commercial to editorial and can help a model pinpoint her best path to success, whether that is on the high fashion runways of Europe or in American catalog and television work. Teen Vogue is very excited to work with Trudi in her newest endeavor scouting for fresh faces throughout America — we are relying on her to find us the next young superstars! »

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